AT&T Thread

Genie Leslie is a copywriter (as well as regular writer) and actor in Seattle.

AT&T Thread

AT&T Thread was a content marketing website that aimed to provide readers with useful and fun lifestyle content. We provided long and short articles, app recommendations, quizzes, and more, with an overall goal to help readers get the most out of their mobile technology. 

My role was threefold. First, I was a writer and copyeditor. I wrote top-performing articles and collaborated on many top-performing quizzes. I copyedited every article we published, and I oversaw and updated our style guides as needed.

Second, I was a content manager—I built all of our articles using Adobe AEM/CQ5, worked with the developer to identify and troubleshoot bugs, and oversaw the content side of all publishing deployments.

Third, I was an editorial assistant, tracking all AT&T products mentioned on the site and cataloguing all permission forms and correspondence for site mentions.

The site is no longer live online, but I've included a few samples here.